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Mucosolvan® is frequently sold cough remedy in the world. It has a strong medical heritage and is known around the world. The Mucosolvan® range relieves you from many constraints caused by cough, which is the main symptoms of cold and flu. The treatments provide a level of scientifically proven efficacy that makes them often the preferred choice of experts.

You can directly go to your pharmacy or chemist to buy Mucosolvan®. If you can’t find Mucosolvan® products at your pharmacy, ask your pharmacist for help.

Mucosolvan® Liquid can be given to children 2 -12 years old. Please refer to the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any queries.

Children are especially susceptible to common colds because they have not yet developed resistance to most of the viruses that cause them. But an immature immune system is not the only thing that makes kids vulnerable. Children also tend to spend lots of time with other children and are not always careful about washing their hands, which makes it easy for a common cold to spread. Source: Healthline - Common Cold. Available at: Accessed on: 8Nov2018

In general Mucosolvan® products do not require special storage conditions but usually should not be stored in the fridge. If there are storage conditions or you want to know the shelf life, this can be found on the packaging of your product. Mucosolvan products as any other medicine should be kept out of children’s reach.

Please consult your doctor/ pharmacist.
Whether you should consult a doctor is dependent on the individual situation. In general, contact your doctor if your cough doesn't go away after several weeks or if you or your child is: Coughing up thick, greenish-yellow phlegm, Wheezing, Experiencing a fever more than 100 F (38 C), Experiencing shortness of breath" Source: Mayo Clinic - Cough. Available at: Accessed on: 8Nov2018.
Mucosolvan® is frequently sold cough remedy in the world. It has a strong medical heritage and is known around the world.
Mucosolvan® loosens tenacious phlegm in the bronchi, making it easier and less painful to cough up and thereby supporting the healing process. Secondly, a beneficial effect is evident as soon as Mucosolvan® is taken.
Mucosolvan®’s active ingredient Ambroxol supports the clearance of the respiratory tract. It facilitates expectoration, eases productive coughing and helps in overcoming infections. Mucosolvan® Syrup gets to work right away to help you break free from cough. With its 3-way action, it loosens mucus (phlegm) in the bronchi that causes cough, clears the airway to ease the expectoration, and protects against new mucus. Mucosolvan® liberates your lungs from cough, giving you the power to breathe free and deeply!
Mucosolvan® offers syrup (for children & adults), and tablet form (for adults) and Long acting capsules (for adults).
The dosage that is indicated on the instruction leaflet or that has been recommended by your doctor or pharmacist is best for the type and severity of your ailment.
Some smokers suffer from chronic cough. The cause of this cough is the constant burden to the bronchi. Mucosolvan® helps to clear phlegm form the bronchi. In particular, Mucosolan® tablets offer a convenient dosage form to help free up mucus congestion and facilitate expectoration.